Snaposit shut down on December 1, 2012. Read more here.

Backup for Photographers

Unlimited backup for only $10.00/month $9.00/month.

Snaposit automatically backs up your photo library to a secure, off-site server, using advanced compression to make sure all of your photos are uploaded quickly and effectively.

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Photo by Tyler G. Hicks-Wright
Backed up to Snaposit on March 28, 2012


Never worry about losing your photos.

Once you install Snaposit, all of your files are automatically backed up to a secure server, with multiple copies to ensure they won't get lost.


Set it and forget it.

Simply tell Snaposit where your photos are. The background service will monitor your library and make sure that every new file is securely backed up to the server.


Only you have access to your photos.

All of your photos are backed up over a secure, 256-bit encrypted SSL connection. Once they are on the server, only you will have access to them.